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Data Governance

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Data Governance as a Communications Program, takes place March 6 in Canberra.

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Data Governance as a Communications Program

Deborah Henderson, DAMA International Fellow

Data Governance reach can be across the organization and the messaging must be tailored and sticky!

Organizational Change Management (OCM) and the Communications Program together are at the heart of any successful Data Governance Program.

Marketing folks know the tricks and we need to use them too to build a data-governed community.

This workshop will help you check the boxes for a successful governance program through a communications lens.

  • Proactive Change Management
      • Focusing and planning the change
      • Why change fails
      • Catalysts for effective change
      • Barriers to change
      • How people experience change
    • Key messaging
    • Audiences and various methods for handling – theory and practice
    • Subjective opinions, how to handle them and why they are important
    • Interpreting results; adjusting the plan
  • Self-assessment
    • Understanding your existing organization and cultural norms
      • Do you have enough of a governance program to launch a sustained Communications effort?
      • Organizational structure and Interaction patterns
    • Developing your scope
    • Gaps and filling them
  • Planning
    • Channels and Tone
    • Communicate ahead or after the fact?
    • Checking-in with the plan
  • Tracking
    • Measuring Adoption
    • Showing value
  • Roadmap
    • Refreshing the program
    • When all fails
    • Keeping it simple

Deborah Henderson, B.Sc., MLS, PMP, CDMP Inaugural Fellow, CDP has over 30 years in data and information management, consulting to many sectors across North America, and coordinating experts across the globe in best community practices in IT.  

  • Program Manager, Contributing Author and Senior Editor for the global standard reference resource in Data Management DAMA-DMBOK2
  • Primary author for IT Strategy and Governance for the IEEE ITBOK standard reference
  • Consulted on responding and conforming to laws on data retention, data handling, and reporting strategies
  • Designed and deployed Data Governance operating models and processes across diverse businesses

She is passionate about how data supports business excellence.